TC Gel Proprietary Blend

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TC Gel Proprietary Blend

PTP03 Proprietary Blend of Agar and GESOLGEL™ MTC.


packaged in plastic bottles.
packaged in plastic bottles.
packaged in plastic bottle.


PTP03 TC Gel proprietary blend for plant tissue culture is a unique blend of Agar and GESOLGEL™ MTC, which is ideal for creating a growth matrix suitable for a wide variety of plant tissue culture media. This blend combines the low ion concentration requirements of agar with the added clarity and elasticity of GESOLGEL™ MTC to produce a moderately firm gel that is somewhat translucent, colorless, and slightly off-white. With a working concentration of 4 – 6 g/L, users can easily achieve their preferred level of firmness.

PTP03 TC Gel Proprietary blend has been tested with wonderful results, especially for grape plants in our lab. Check out our blog post featuring this product here.

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Check out the results of testing on this high-quality product here: TC Gel White Paper

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