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Plant Tissue Culture Products

Choosing the proper medium formulation for your tissue culture work is only half the battle. Getting it from the right source is equally important. Inconsistency in your media can make even the most agreeable plants unhappy. Whether you are looking for a modification of the trusted Murashige and Skoog formulation, one of our proprietary formulations, or your own custom blend, let us show you how happy a consistent, quality medium can make your plants.

For years, agar and other gelling agents have been the mystery component in tissue culture. While the gelling properties of these products are well understood, the “bonus” compounds that accompany them into your culture medium have remained a mystery. Until now. While impurities and variability is to be expected in these biologically derived products, Caisson has searched the world for quality gelling agents and we now closely analyze each batch to make sure you know which friends your agar is bringing to the party. One of our account service representatives would be happy to assist you in making your selection, and samples are available in many cases.

To help give your plants the direction they need, we offer a variety of plant hormones. From abscisic acid to zeatin, you’ll find the growth regulators you need at Caisson. And to further put your mind at ease, all of our PGRs are plant tissue culture tested to ensure their effectiveness.

It’s your party – keep unwanted guests out with Caisson’s comprehensive line of antimicrobials. Whether you’ve got bacterial or mycotic invaders, we’ve got something to help you keep them under control, including the widely acclaimed Plant Preservative Mixture™.

For those of you out there who believe that there is no cookin’ like home cookin’, Caisson offers a wide selection of ACS grade, plant tissue culture tested biochemicals and reagents so that you can continue to make your tissue culture media with everything that your plants need. While we would suggest letting us help you produce and prepackage your custom formulation, if you are going to make the effort to formulate your own media, make sure you are using proven components from a trusted supplier. (FYI – we fit that description)

Short, tall, round, square, fat, skinny, reusable, disposable, vented, sealed… you get the point… Everyone’s idea of an ideal tissue culture vessel is different. While we can’t possibly meet everyone’s vessel needs exactly, we are developing a line of tissue culture containers that meet the needs of as many tissue culturists as possible. We have started with proven designs and found innovative ways to cut costs and improve functionality. We have also selectively added other tools and supplies to our lineup that bring value to our customers. Unlike other suppliers, we only offer products we bring value to and that we can stand behind. If we don’t offer what you are looking for, we’ll help you find someone who does.

The advantages of liquid tissue culture systems have been known for years. So has the list of disadvantages. Well, that list just got much shorter. The LiquidLab system, is simple, yet revolutionary in its design which offers additional benefits over traditional bioreactor systems and eliminates or greatly reduces many of the challenges of other liquid systems.

Animal Cell Culture Products

We realize there is no shortage of cell culture media suppliers. There just seems to be a shortage of suppliers who can get you the quality and reliability you need at a price that doesn’t drain the budget. Our selection includes classical formulations such as M199, MEM, DMEM, RPMI 1640, as well as some of our own special recipes.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS), also referred to as liquid gold, is still a staple in mammalian and insect cell culture. The good news is Caisson offers you high quality FBS for a price that makes much more sense. Yes, we still start with the finest raw materials with low endotoxin and hemoglobin levels. Yes, we triple filter it though 0.1um filters. Yes, we use proven manufacturing procedures to ensure endotoxin levels stay low and quality stays high. And yes, we do the 9 CFR testing on our FBS to make sure there are no surprises in your cell culture.

Aside from FBS, we offer serum from several other species. From trout serum to equine serum, Caisson is your source for sera.

While antimicrobials are no substitute for good aseptic techniques, they can play an important role in suppressing or eliminating microbial contaminants. All of our antimicrobials are cell culture tested and screened for cytotoxicity.

Phosphate Buffered Saline and other balanced salt solutions have a wide variety of applications. Caisson offers multiple formulations in both liquid and powder formats. If you can’t find the formulation or size you need for your application, please contact us to discuss custom options.

Tinkering is what scientists do. Caisson offers a wide selection of buffers, supplements, and other reagents for cell culture. And because all of these products are cell culture tested, you can tinker away with greater peace of mind.

Custom Manufacturing

Of all the things we do well, custom manufacturing is perhaps our greatest strength. With our focus on individual customers and their unique needs, we have been able to develop a custom manufacturing program that allows us to meet the demands of customers, both large and small. What makes our custom program so great? Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Caisson:

  • Powder and Liquid manufacturing capabilities
  • Extremely quick turnaround times
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Customized delivery schedules
  • No minimum orders
  • Custom labeling – your label or ours
  • Experience with a broad range of products, including media, buffers, antibiotics, serum and the list goes on

So, if it’s a product you have developed for your own use or for sale to your customers, Caisson is the best fit for custom manufacturing.