Sodium Phosphate

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Sodium Phosphate


A hygroscopic white powdery sodium salt of phosphoric acid that is used as a laboratory chemical in manufacturing of the number of products [1].

1. Introduction:

  • Sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous is a powdery or crystalline salt that can absorb water from the air. That’s why it is also known as hygroscopic salt.
  • It is also stocked under the names of different labels in the market like Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Phosphate of soda, Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate, Disodium acid orthophosphate, Caswell No. 778, Buffer Salt, pH 6.87, Sodium phosphate dibasic, Trace metals grade, Sodium mono hydrogen phosphate (2:1:1), and, Sodium phosphate, dibasic, 99+%, ACS reagent, suitable for buffer solutions [5].
  • It is obtainable in the market in various sizes like in the packaging of 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilogram, and 2.5 kilograms [6].
  • It is typically packed in poly bottles tightly sealed. But if its quantity is 2.5 kg, it is packaged in poly drums [6].

Sodium Phosphate

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