Micropropagation Agar Type I

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Micropropagation Agar Type I

High-quality agar for plant tissue culture.





A038 Micropropagation Agar Type I is a popular high-quality agar used to solidify a variety of growth mediums for the cultivation of plant tissues or bacteria due to its purity and gel strength. These mediums will vary depending on the plant or bacteria being cultured.

A038 Micropropagation Agar Type I, unlike gelatin, won’t be degraded by bacteria, which creates a premium culturing media for lab-use.

Some applications include but are not limited to mass production of genetically identical plants, conservation of rare and endangered plant species, production of disease-free planting material, rapid multiplication of elite plant varieties, and genetic transformation experiments for the production of transgenic plants with desired traits.

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Use at 5 – 9 g/L

Plant Tissue Culture Tested

Derived from Gracilaria

Gel Strength: ≥ 900 g/cm2

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15 to 30°C

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