Purified Water (18 mega-ohm)

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Purified Water (18 mega-ohm)

18 mega-ohm, Purified Water. Plant Tissue & Cell Culture Media Grade Tested.


pack of 6-500ML Bottles


WAL01 Purified Water (18 mega-ohm) is plant tissue & cell culture media grade tested and is used in tissue culture to grow and maintain cells and tissues in vitro.
This purified water is used in tissue culture to prepare the culture media and to carry out various steps in the tissue culture process. Water used in tissue culture should be of high quality to prevent contamination and ensure the successful growth of plant cells.
Here are some specific uses of WAL01 Purified Water in plant tissue culture:
1. Preparation of culture media: Used to dissolve and prepare the various components of the culture media, such as salts, sugars, vitamins, and growth regulators. Using purified water helps to ensure that the media are free from contaminants that could potentially harm the plant cells.
2. Sterilization:  Used to sterilize equipment, containers, and surfaces in tissue culture labs. Autoclaving is a common method for sterilizing materials in tissue culture, and using purified water ensures that the sterilization process is effective.
3. Washing and rinsing: Used to wash and rinse plant tissues and cells during the tissue culture process. This helps to remove any contaminants or residues that could affect the growth of the plant cells.
4. Dilution: Used to dilute concentrated solutions of nutrients, hormones, or other additives that are added to the culture media. Dilution with purified water ensures that the concentrations are accurate and that the plant cells receive the appropriate amounts of each component.
Overall, using lab-grade purified water in plant tissue culture is crucial for maintaining a sterile environment, ensuring the successful growth of plant cells, and preventing contamination that could compromise the tissue culture process.

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