Gibberellic Acid (GA3)

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Gibberellic Acid (GA3)

90%; CAS# 77-06-05

Molecular Weight: 346.37

Molecular Formula: C19H22O6

Liquid version is GAL01 ; G001+KOH+HCL






G001 gibberellic acid (GA3) plays a vital role in influencing various processes and outcomes in plant tissue culture. It is commonly used to stimulate shoot elongation, promote cell elongation, induce flowering, and enhance the regeneration of plants from callus tissue.

G001 Gibberellic Acid (GA3) is essential for achieving healthy and vigorous plantlets in tissue culture by promoting shoot growth. They also stimulate callus growth and differentiation into shoots or roots, facilitating the regeneration of whole plants from cultured cells. Additionally, gibberellins can induce or enhance flowering in tissue culture, accelerate seed germination by breaking dormancy, and aid in controlling specific developmental processes. By understanding how gibberellic acid affects plant growth and development, researchers and practitioners of plant tissue culture can adjust hormone levels to optimize the outcomes of their experiments, leading to improved plant regeneration, growth, and the induction of desired developmental stages.

**Disclaimer:** Results may vary depending on specific cell lines, specifications, and experimental conditions. Consult with cell culture specialists and review comprehensive literature to tailor its use to your specific research needs.

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