Sucrose ACS Grade

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Sucrose ACS Grade

CAS Number: 57-50-1; ACS Grade; Formula: C12H22O11; Formula Weight: 342.3


CAS Number: 57-50-1; Formula: C12H22O11; Formula Weight: 342.3


S011 Sucrose ACS Grade is commonly used in cell culture, including plant tissue culture, for several important reasons:
1. **Energy Source**: S011 Sucrose ACS Grade serves as a primary carbohydrate source, providing the necessary energy for cell growth and metabolism. Cells utilize sucrose to generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is essential for various cellular activities.
2. **Osmotic Agent**: S011 Sucrose ACS Grade helps maintain the osmotic balance in the culture medium. Proper osmotic pressure is crucial for the maintenance of cell turgor and integrity, preventing cell lysis or plasmolysis, which can be detrimental to cell viability and growth.
3. **Carbon Source**: Besides providing energy, sucrose is a source of carbon, which is a fundamental building block for the synthesis of various cellular components, including nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids.
4. **Support of Growth and Development**: In plant tissue culture, sucrose is particularly important for supporting the growth and differentiation of plant tissues and organs. It helps in the development of shoots, roots, and callus formation.
5. **Medium Consistency**: Sucrose can influence the physical properties of the culture medium, such as viscosity and density, which can affect nutrient uptake and the overall culture environment.
In summary, sucrose is an essential additive in cell culture media, providing energy, carbon, and osmotic balance, which are all critical for the sustained growth, development, and metabolic activities of cultured cells.

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