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CAS# 57-48-7; MW 180.16; ≥98%




F011 D-fructose is essential in plant tissue culture, serving as a carbon source that provides energy and carbon skeletons for growth, and as an osmotic agent that maintains cell turgor and health. It influences differentiation and regeneration pathways, aiding in the formation of shoots, roots, and callus tissues, and is also used in cryopreservation to protect plant cells during freezing and thawing.
Specifically, F011 D-Fructose supports the rapid multiplication of plantlets in micropropagation and promotes somatic embryo induction and maturation for clonal propagation. It aids callus induction and maintenance, useful for genetic transformation and metabolite production, and provides nutrients and osmotic support for protoplast regeneration. In anther culture, it helps produce haploid plants for breeding programs, and in organogenesis, it supports the regeneration of specific organs from cultured tissues.
Overall, d-fructose is a versatile component in plant tissue culture, enhancing growth, differentiation, and regeneration processes, facilitating research, and commercial plant propagation.

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