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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of Caisson Laboratories. We are under new management, ushering in a new era of growth and customer-centric practices.

Our renewed focus on customer satisfaction is at the forefront of this change. We understand the importance of providing top-notch products and services that align with your research needs. The new management team brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives, ensuring that Caisson continues to be a trusted partner in your tissue culture endeavors.

Check out our Facebook page and new group here: You will need to log in to follow us for the humor and a personal look into our business.

We have been able to restock our proprietary blend of Agars, Phytoblend PTP01, as well as added a new proprietary product, PTP03-TC Gel. The white page for this product shows outstanding results, especially with grapes!

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey with a spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence. Together, we’re shaping a future where Caisson Laboratories stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the biotechnology industry. We look forward to serving you.

Best regards,

The Caisson Laboratories Team

An introduction to Caisson Laboratories new management team.

Meet the Caisson Team | Back Row (left to right): Eric Welker, President; Patrick Casperson, Sales and Client Support; Kurt Rieben, Quality Control Technician; Neicole Teare, Sales Department Supervisor; Shannon Moosman, Operations Manager; Ross and Bonita Farmer, Owners; Tristan Dagley, Production Technician | Front Row (left to right): Caitlyn Gallagher, Quality Control Supervisor; Alisha Wright, Quality Control Technician; Lance Thorpe, Production Technician; Robyn Dagley, Financial Specialist

2 Replies to “Caisson Laboratories is under new management”

  1. Glad to hear of Caisson’s ongoing development as a company!! Words that come to mind from my experiences with your company over 20 years are very high quality products, knowledgeable and interactive staff. Thank you!

    1. Neicole Teare says: February 4, 2024 at 6:02 pm

      Hi Mona! Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your business! Please let our team know if there’s anything we can help you with! -Neicole Teare; Sales Department Supervisor

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