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CAS# 56-41-7; MW 89.09; USP Grade



CAS# 56-41-7; MW 89.09; USP Grade; MF: C3H7NO2; Storage: 15-30 Degrees Celcius
CAS# 56-41-7; MW 89.09; USP Grade; MF: C3H7NO2; Storage: 15-30 Degrees Celcius
CAS# 56-41-7; MW 89.09; USP Grade; MF: C3H7NO2; Storage: 15-30 Degrees Celcius


A019 L-alanine, a non-essential amino acid, plays a crucial role in tissue culture due to its versatile applications. In this context, L-alanine serves as a vital component in culture media formulations, contributing to cell growth, proliferation, and overall health. Its presence ensures the provision of necessary nutrients for cell metabolism and energy production, facilitating the maintenance of optimal cellular functions within the culture environment.
Moreover, A019 L-alanine acts as a precursor for the synthesis of various biomolecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids, essential for cellular activities and structural integrity. This amino acid can also serve as a buffer, helping to maintain the pH balance of the culture medium, which is crucial for cell viability and growth.
One specific application of A019 L-alanine in tissue culture is its role in promoting cell viability during stressful conditions, such as osmotic stress or nutrient deprivation. By acting as a source of carbon and energy, L-alanine can support cell survival and recovery, thereby enhancing the overall success of cell culture experiments. Additionally, L-alanine has been found to improve the cryopreservation of cells, increasing their post-thaw viability and recovery rates.
Researchers continue to explore and optimize the use of L-alanine in tissue culture to enhance cell culture outcomes and advance scientific discoveries.
**Disclaimer:** Results may vary depending on specific cell lines and experimental conditions. Consult with cell culture specialists and review comprehensive literature to tailor its use to your specific research needs.

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