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Cas#: 69-65-8; Formula: C6H14O6 ; MW: 182.17; ≥ 98%.




M007 D-Mannitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used in tissue culture to regulate osmotic pressure in the growth medium, ensuring a stable environment for cell growth and development. Its primary application lies in serving as an osmoticum, aiding in the control of osmotic stress during culturing processes.
In tissue culture, d-mannitol finds specific applications in cryopreservation and somatic embryogenesis. As a cryoprotectant, d-mannitol helps prevent cellular damage during freezing and thawing, improving tissue viability during long-term storage in liquid nitrogen. Moreover, d-mannitol plays a crucial role in somatic embryogenesis by enhancing the efficiency of this process, where differentiated plant cells are induced to form embryos. By regulating osmotic pressure, M007 D-mannitol boosts embryo formation and plant regeneration in somatic embryogenesis protocols.
Overall, M007’s function as an osmotic regulator in tissue culture is vital for maintaining cell health and optimizing specific processes like cryopreservation and somatic embryogenesis in plant tissue culture applications.

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55950powder / 100gm$26.44M007-100GMhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/CN-M007-SDS-REV00.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/M007-12232008.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/M007-03202008.pdf
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