Lloyd & McCown’s Woody Plant Basal Salts

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Lloyd & McCown’s Woody Plant Basal Salts

With macronutrients and micronutrients.


packaged individually in 4X6 pouches in a bundle of 10.
packaged in plastic bottle.
packaged in a 4X6 pouch
packaged in a plastic bottle.


WPP03 Lloyd & McCown’s Woody Plant Basal Salts (WPM) contain macronutrients and micronutrients and is a widely used plant tissue culture medium formulated for the in vitro propagation of woody plants. This medium provides essential nutrients and growth regulators necessary for the growth and development of plant tissues in a controlled laboratory environment.
WPP03 Lloyd & McCown’s Woody Plant Basal Salts are particularly beneficial for the micropropagation of woody plants such as trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. Some of the specific plants that tend to do well with WPM include:
1. Fruit trees: Species such as apple, pear, peach, and citrus trees can be effectively propagated using WPP03.
2. Ornamental trees and shrubs: Various ornamental trees and shrubs, including roses, azaleas, and magnolias, can be successfully cultured and propagated with the help of  WPP03.
3. Forest tree species: WPP03 is also used for the propagation of forest tree species like pines, spruces, and oaks for forestry and conservation purposes.
4. Nut trees: Trees such as walnut, pecan, and almond can benefit from micropropagation techniques using WPP03 with micronutrients.

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29622powder / 1lt$2.19WPP03-1LThttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/WPP03-formulation.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/WPP-comparative-formulation.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/WPP03-SDS-REV00.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/WPP03-11200009.pdfhttps://caissonlabs.com/wp-content/uploads/WPP03-07200008.pdf
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