Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline Solution (DPBS)

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Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline Solution (DPBS)

With Calcium and Magnesium

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Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS Buffer)

A water-based buffering solution that is used for adequately maintaining the structural and physiological viability of specialized cells in a cell culture medium [7].

  • Dulbecco’s PBS stands for Phosphate Buffered Saline, sometimes referred to PBS Buffer. Its principal function is to properly maintain the growth medium within the required pH range and also combined it with glucose to act as the energy source for normal cell metabolism [7].
  • This PBS Buffer balanced salt solution is used for accurately maintaining the short-term viability of cells in many biological tests in which cells are manipulated to grow out of their normal growth environment [8].
  • Dulbecco’s phosphate buffered saline may or may not contain some salts like calcium and magnesium-based on the specific requirement of a cell culture medium. The Dulbecco’s BPS which does not contain magnesium and calcium salts is promptly named as Calcium-Magnesium Free Phosphate Buffering Saline (CMF-PBS).
  • People may get puzzled between Dulbecco’s PBS and original PBS due to the same visual appearance. But both of the solutions are different in composition. Some key differences are discussed below [1]:
PropertiesDulbecco’s PBSOriginal PBS
AbbreviationDulbecco’s phosphate buffered salinePhosphate buffered saline
pHRanges between 7.2 to 7.6Ranges between 6.8 to 7.4
Phosphate concentrationPresent in lower concentrationPresent in higher concentration
Magnesium and calcium concentrationPresent according to the need of solutionGenerally absent in PBS
  • Dulbecco’s PBS is available in the market in both powdery and liquid forms. Our PBS Buffer comes in packaging of 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 10L, and 50L in sterile, gamma-irradiated PETG bottles [9].


The proper procedure for the considerable preparation of 1 Liter of Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffering Saline with calcium and magnesium salts is discussed below [11] [12].

  • Properly prepare 800ml of distilled water and then add it to a beaker.
  • Following components are required precisely in the preparation of Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (also known as Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer) that are typically discussed in the table:
PBS Buffer Basic IngredientsMolecular WeightsQuantityConcentration
Calcium chloride110 grams per mole100 mg0.0009M
Potassium chloride74 grams per mole200 mg0.0027M
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate203 grams per mole100 mg0.0005M
Sodium chloride58 grams per mole8 g0.1368M
Disodium phosphate141 grams per mole2.16 g0.0152M
  • Other PBS Buffer components which may be present in the end product are D-glucose (100mg/L), Phenol red 5mg/L (if required), sodium pyruvate (110mg/L), and sodium bicarbonate (36mg/L) [13].
  • Carefully add 100 grams of calcium chloride in the beaker with distilled water and stir it well using gentle heat.
  • Subsequently add 200 grams of potassium chloride and 100 grams of magnesium chloride hexahydrate in the beaker and stir it well until the salts dissolve in the water completely.
  • After stirring it gently, add 8 grams of sodium chloride and 2.16 grams of Na2HPO4 in the prepared solution and stir it with the help of a stirrer until all the ingredients get dissolved in the distilled water.
  • Add more distilled water to the sustainable solution so that the PBS Buffer final volume becomes 1L. Then filter the solution and conveniently store it for future use.


  • Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (also known as Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer) is typically used to efficiently transport, irrigate and dilute fluids while properly balancing and maintaining extracellular or intracellular osmotic conditions.
  • PBS Buffer provides water and various inorganic and necessary salts for the normal functioning of cells in the medium during biological tests and experiments [7].
  • During the dissociation process, Dulbecco’s phosphate buffered saline is properly used to wash cells.
  • PBS Buffer plays a significant role in immunostaining, chromatographic procedures, tissue dissection, cell dissociation, and cell therapy applications [10].
  • PBS Buffer also acts as a diluent in the cell counting process (cell enumeration). It is fundamental to enumerate cells in order to identify the exact number of cells in the medium.
  • PBS Buffer helps in the maintenance of mammalian cells and provides to them a chemically balanced environment for growth in vitro [2].
  • PBS Buffer is only used for laboratory researches and experimentation procedures. It is not for practical use in diagnostic purposes [13].


Following are the specification of Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (a.k.a. Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer) that are given below [2][3][4].

PropertiesDulbecco’s PBS Buffer
AppearanceFound in both liquid and solid form
ColorColorless and Transparent liquid
OriginAnimal origin-free
Shelf life36 months from the date of production
Delivery conditions
    • Powdered form: delivered at Room temperature
    Liquid form: delivered in cold sustainable packaging
Sterility testPass
    • Liquid: Ranges between 2-8 degrees Celsius
    Powder: Ranges between 15-30 degrees Celsius
Sodium bicarbonate bufferNot used in this buffered saline solution
OsmolalityRanges between 265-310 mOsm/kg
AdditivesNo sodium pyruvate additives
Inorganic salts
    • Magnesium and calcium salts are present in liquid
    Powder form may not contain calcium and magnesium
IndicatorNo phenol red indicator is used
ImpuritiesEndotoxins are present
Endotoxin< 1 EU/ml


Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (a.k.a Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer) is not classified as a hazardous substance and it is a non-flammable solution according to Directive 67/548/ EEC but it is capable of transmitting infectious particles as it is tested viral.

  • In case of physical contact of skin with liquid or powder form of Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer), rinse the skin with excess water. You can use neutral soaps. There is no need of seeking medical attention immediately because it is not hazardous. But in case of rashes, redness, and blisters, consult the physicians.
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash them with excess water. If redness occurs, consult the doctor.
  • If PBS Buffer is inhaled or ingested in large quantities, the victim should be treated according to the symptoms. In case of inhalation, transfer the victim to a well-ventilated place. Let him inhale fresh air.
  • Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer) is a non-flammable solution but in case of a tragic fire, use any kind of extinguishing agents like dry Carbon dioxide, foam, water sprays, and dry chemicals.
  • Always wear chemical-resistant clothes, goggles, and gloves.
  • Wash your hands and clothes thoroughly after dealing with the PBS Buffer
  • Keep the medium in properly labeled sterile containers to avoid maximum contamination and place the containers in well-ventilated places. Don’t use if the PBS Buffer solution contains precipitates or is cloudy.
  • During research and experimentation, handle the PBS Buffer medium properly by following good hygiene practices [2][5][6].


  • Use Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline (Dulbecco’s PBS Buffer), after reading the expiry date on the sealed container.
  • Don’t use the PBS Buffer product if it is expired.
  • Take care of the storage conditions of the solution. Use the PBS Buffer product in aseptic conditions to avoid possible contaminations [2].


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