Micropropagation Agar Type II

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Micropropagation Agar Type II

Plant Tissue tested high-quality agar

Use at 5 – 9 g/L

Gel Strength: 600-1100 g/cm2

**Current Lead Time 10-12 weeks**




A037 Micropropagation Agar Type II is a popular agar derived from Gelidium used for plant tissue culture. It is highly desirable due to its consistent gel strength, and low levels of impurities that can inhibit plant growth. This premium-quality agar provides a stable matrix for plant cell growth and regeneration, supporting the development of healthy plant tissues in vitro.

One of the most popular applications of A037 Micropropagation Agar Type II in plant tissue culture is the propagation of orchids, such as Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis species. These delicate plants require a sterile and nutrient-rich environment for successful tissue culture, making Gelidium derived-agar an ideal choice due to its reliability and effectiveness in supporting their growth.

Additionally, A037 is commonly used for micropropagation of other ornamental plants like Anthuriums and Carnations, as well as for the regeneration of economically important crops such as bananas, strawberries, and sugarcane. Results may vary from species to species and also due to the specifications of the experiment. Please consult with experts for specialized uses.






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