To our friends in the path of Sally.

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Good morning everyone.  We know this may not reach our target audience, due to power outages, and evacuations, and other events out of anyone’s control, but we would like to extend our assistance and thoughts to those being affected in any form by Hurricane Sally and any other catastrophic events or disasters, such as now – Hurricane Teddy and the devastating fires in many states.  We hope all of our customers and friends stay as safe and healthy as possible, get what help they need, and get through everything with minimal damages.

Caisson would also like to thank all those who are helping those in need, performing evacuations, helping to put out and control the fires, heal people, and those such as the National Hurricane Center keeping all of us updated on those crucial events and changes as they happen.  We hope those affected are able to weather this event through to Friday and beyond, as it evolves and changes course, and continues to cause devastation wherever it goes. 

Please contact Caisson at:  our US phone number:  435-755-7615, our International Phone number:  877-840-0500, or our Email:  if we can help in any way at all.  We can also be reached here through our inbox.  This holds true throughout the catastrophic event that this hurricane is; through the beginning stages, all the way through to the recovery and after stages and effects.  We here at Caisson Labs will always be here to help.  We hope everyone stays safe.

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