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We have recently uploaded some new and informative documentation on our website. One on PPM Protocol & Procedure when using Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM). It’s a brief description on generic procedures. Specific plant species may require slight modifications. Check it out under the documents tab.

We also have one up on Antibiotics – the Verification of Antibiotic Potency. Antibiotics use potency to measure activity to describe its efficacy. Learn more about how this measurement is necessary for the effectiveness of antibiotics on microorganisms.

And lastly, Plant Growth Regulators, a Plant Tissue Culture Protocol. Detailing the broad range of plant growth regulators specifically tested for plant cell culture offered by CAISSON Laboratories, Inc. (CAISSON Labs). Biologically tested for powdered media using the established criteria, and each cytokinin is tested for shoot production.

We plan to post more informative and helpful information in the future about plant and cell technologies, and hope it becomes useful in using CAISSON Laboratories, Inc. (CAISSON Labs) products.

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