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We have recently uploaded some new and informative documentation on our website concerning Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM). This information about PPM Protocol & Procedure is particularly useful for our existing and new customers when they are using our Caisson Labs Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM). This newly posted information is a brief description on generic procedures how to use Caisson Labs Plant Preservative Mixture in the growing of your specific plant requirements. 

As you are probably already aware, specific plant species may require slight modifications when used for optimum growing of the plants, so studying the information that we have provided in these pages will be very valuable for you to review. Check it out under the documents tab found on this page.

Caisson Labs Plant Preservative Mixture, also commonly called “PPM”, comes in a broad selection of product from 10 ML bottles all the way up to 1,000 ML bottles. Caisson Labs will also provide custom formulations of Plant Preservative Mixture for our customer’s specific applications if required by our customers upon request.

We also have an additional article on Caisson Labs website for Antibiotics called the “Verification of Antibiotic Potency”. This particular article covers the process for which the antibiotics Caisson Labs uses in our PPM in relation to their inherent  potency to measure the plant growth activity as well as to describe its efficacy. 

In the effort to alleviate the problems of resistance in plant growth and to ensure that the antibiotics are used safely, ensuring the exact quantities of strength and bioactivity, along with extensive testing of the final products before it is shipped to our customer of our Caisson Labs antibiotics, and for that matter, all of our Caisson Labs products is absolutely mandatory. Caisson Labs take every step to ensure that they are properly formulated when preparing Plant Preservative Mixture formulations and as indicated before, all of these processes are implemented as well as for all of our other fine, high quality products. 

Because resistance problems in plant growing have greatly increased, it is extremely critical to quantify the exact strength of the functional components used in our Caisson antibiotic preparation. It is extremely important for growers to learn more about how this measurement is necessary for the effectiveness of the use of antibiotics impact on microorganisms.

And lastly, when preparing Plant Growth Regulators, Caisson Labs follows an extremely strict Plant Tissue Mixture Culture Protocol. Caisson Labs are particularly careful in the detailing of the broad range of plant growth regulators specifically tested for plant cell culture offered by CAISSON Laboratories, Inc. (CAISSON Labs). Everything that Caisson Labs creates for our customers are biologically tested for the powdered media we create using the highest standards of industry established criteria, and each cytokinin is tested for optimum shoot production.

We plan to post even more informative and helpful information in the future about plant and cell technologies and we hope that it will be useful for our customers in using CAISSON Laboratories, Inc. (CAISSON Labs) products in their future plant growth plans.

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